Munyao Kayurira Advocates




The firm endeavours to integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights and client concerns into its core operations. To this end, the firm’s CSR strategy encompasses the following:

Provision of pro bono services to indigent clients and particularly in relation to human rights violations by the State and/or its agents.
Contributing to charitable causes such as paying school fees for bright but needy students as well as food and clothing donations to orphans and the elderly.
Taking up public interest litigation with the aim of advocating for legal reforms where appropriate.
Ensuring the firm’s personnel has gender, cultural and ethnic diversity and is inclusive while promoting respect and appreciation of different cultures.

The Partners are Associate Mentors at AKAD Education Africa ( which organisation is involved in capacity building through Careers, Mentorship & Value-Based Leadership training as a Social Enterprise. The firm also offers job shadowing opportunities to AKAD Mentees interested in pursuing a career in Law.